Monday, November 26, 2007

Interaction design, UCD and Agile

Today I was at yet another seminar, this time at Agical about how UCD combined with Agile methods does work and how it can be beneficial.

It began with Illugi Lj├│tsson och Eric Idebro describing the "write a big document and throw it over the wall"-problem and that UCD and Agile development methods weren't that far apart if they where only allowed to work together, iteratively.

To allow for this they would have an interaction designer in their scrum. In a 4 week scrum the interaction designer helped with usability and each friday he did user testing to get feedback for the coming week.

I got the impression that this kind of feedback would work and that it would help a great deal to have that kind of expertise at hand during development.

Do we really need a 4 step publication routine with document comparison if all the users really need is a way to get text out on the web quickly?

They also made the point that what the product owner asked for and what the users actually needed where quite some way apart. When using this method you have more material to help guide your decisions on what to build in addition to making the application more user friendly.

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