Friday, August 17, 2007

Just a heads up on some Opera browser behavior...

I just discovered a bit of a quirk of Opera (9.01). When you read the .value of a text field and the text field contains something like "Hello <b>world</b>", opera returns "Hello <B>world</B>". I did not find any way of fixing this, except to not assume lowercase input (which seems obvious to me now :). However, I found this interesting blog post about this upcase behavior and other similar things. Just hope this post can help someone avoid the premature assumption that the browser would return what's actually there :).

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Jesper said...

Thanks, that's useful to know about.

Didn't upper case HTML used to be standard back in the days? Perhaps that's why the browser "corrects" this for the user. Weird behaviour though that shouldn't be in a browser, year 2007.